"Fools For Love"
L&O, Episode 10.15
Production number: E1113
First aired: 23 February 2000
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Stabler Fools for Love
Written By
Lynne E. Litt & Kathy McCormick

Directed By
Christopher Misiano


A man is accused of the murder of his girlfriend's sister and another victim. Prosecutors make a deal with the girlfriend for her testimony against the accused, but they also suspect that she was a willing participant in the murders.


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Peter Williams: What do you want now?
Ed Green (handing Williams the search warrant): Now, we've got a search warrant.
Peter Williams (letting Briscoe, Green, and other officers in after reading the warrant): Sure.
Peter Williams (after Briscoe and Green shove him to the kitchen counter): Hey!
Ed Green (slapping the warrant on the counter): Oh yeah, I forgot we have an arrest warrant, too.

Abbie Carmichael (about Laura Kendrick): Abused or not, she was there. It's her own sister, for God's sake. We can't let her off the hook.

Laura Kendrick (at the crime scene, right after describing her sister's death): Were you guys here when the police searched this place?
Ed Green: Yeah, why?
Laura Kendrick: Peter gave me this really pretty pair of garnet earrings. They matched this bracelet. I think I left them here. Did you guys find them? I'd really like to get those back.

Jack McCoy: Did Peter Williams kill them?

Adam Schiff (speaking to Dr. Emil Skoda): Do you ever give a straight answer?

Adam Schiff (speaking to Jack McCoy): Then, stick to the deal, no matter how much it turns your stomach...and mine.

Abbie Carmichael: How do you wash it off, Jack?
Jack McCoy: Wish I knew.

Background information and notes

  • Detectives Elliot Stabler (Christopher Meloni) and Olivia Benson (Mariska Hargitay) crossover from Law & Order: Special Victims Unit.
  • Peter Williams has books in his apartment about real-life serial killers Ted Bundy, Richard Speck and the Boston Strangler. Like Williams, these killers targeted women.
  • This episode appears to be ripped from the headlines of the Leslie Mahaffy, Kristen French, and Tammy Homolka cases. All three were victims of Canada's own Ken and Barbie killers, Paul Bernardo and Karla Homolka. Bernardo was sentenced to life imprisonment for his part in the murder of Tammy Homolka (Karla's sister) and the kidnappings/murders of French and Mahaffey, and Karla Homolka accepted a ten-year plea bargain for her roles that was later upgraded to a twelve-year plea bargain. Homolka was released on July 4, 2005, and has opted to live under the name Karla Teale.
  • Continuity: When Laura Kendrick is recorded asking about her bracelet, the video played later is an alternative take.
  • Goof: Vince Pacimeo is credited as "Judge Douglas Venturelli" in this episode but in the season 13 episode The Ring, his first name is given as "David" by an episode scene card.

Episode scene cards

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Apartment of
Mr. & Mrs. Peter Williams Sr.
612 West 49th Street
Tuesday, October 27

Bellevue Hospital
462 First Avenue
Friday, November 12

3 4

Supreme Court
Trial Part 23
Tuesday, December 21

Supreme Court
Monday, January 4

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