"Forgiving Rollins"
SVU, Episode 16.10
Production number: 16010
First aired: 7 January 2015
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Written By
Julie Martin & Warren Leight

Directed By
Michael Slovis

When a professional relationship crosses the line, Detective Rollins must face her past to support another female officer.


Atlanta's Deputy Chief Charles Patton and his newest detective, Reese Taymor visit New York for a law enforcement conference. When Reese is found unconscious in her hotel bathroom, she cries rape at the scene but changes her story when Sgt. Benson arrives. When Rollins uncovers a personal connection to the suspect, ADA Barba seeks her help in the courtroom and she's forced to confront the demons of her past to stop a dangerous predator.


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Deputy Chief Patton: Folks, this is Detective Reese Taymor. This is her first conference.
Olivia: Oh, well, welcome to New York.
Detective Reese Traymor: Oh, just like the song.

Captain Sam Reynolds (to Rollins): Look, I know how ambitious a girl you are, Reese too, but take my advice and let sleeping dogs lie.
Rollins: Get the hell off my street.
Captain Sam Reynolds: You know, all these years, you've been giving me the good girl act, but you were just keeping yourself wide-eyed and wet for the big boss, weren't you? No piece for your old friend Sam? (Rollins kicks him the groin) Ah! You bitch! I will report you!
Rollins: Yeah, you do that and make sure you tell your wife I said hello.

[After Rollins' sexual assault has been revealed]
Olivia: Amanda, you can move past this.
Rollins: I'm okay.
Olivia: Look, I know that you think that therapy is paying someone to talk about your problems.
Rollins: I shouldn't have said that to you.
Olivia: Then make it up to me. I want you to see my therapist.
Rollins: I'm not seeing your therapist.
Olivia: It's just for a referral. I know he has time later today. I'm gonna tell him that you're gonna call. It's important, Amanda.
Rollins: Okay, Sergeant.

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Supreme Court
Part 21
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Wednesday, January 7

Supreme Court
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Thursday, January 8

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"Forgiving Rollins"
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