Law and Order
Law and Order
Forreston Graham
Name Forreston Graham
Occupation Defense attorney
Status Alive
Actor Christian Clemenson
First Appearance "The Burden Of Our Choices"

Forreston Graham is a pro-life defense attorney from Ohio.


When Evangeline Miller tried to have an abortion after being raped by her stepfather James, Graham came from Ohio, where abortion is illegal, to represent James's interests. He threatened to have anyone involved arrested if Miller got an abortion.

When Miller was given permission to have an abortion, Graham confronted ADA Carisi outside the courtroom and criticized him for helping Miller. Carisi then told Graham about how his mother had to get an abortion due to suffering an illness that could have killed the baby after being born and how distraught both he and his mother had been, which seemed to upset Graham. (SVU: "The Burden Of Our Choices")