CI, Episode 7.22
Production number: CI7022
First aired: 24 August 2008
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Wallace Frame
Teleplay By
Julie Martin & Kate Rorick

Story By
Warren Leight

Directed By
Norberto Barba

The discovery of a picture next to the grave of Detective Goren's mother indicates the return of an old nemesis.


Det. Goren is at his mother's grave, and he spies a photo of him and his older brother, Frank, as young children, resting beside the grave of their mother, Frances Goren. The day after finding the photo, his brother is found dead, having supposedly overdosed, but actually poisoned. That leads Goren to think Nicole Wallace murdered his brother.

Then, Declan Gage appears poisoned, but alive. He sends them to Gwen Chapel, the daughter of one of Nicole's boyfriends, with whom Wallace was quite close, and they discover she is dying of cancer, and Goren thinks this is why Nicole is murdering again. Then they are lead to an inn, with a room registered under Goren's name, unbeknownst to him. Inside, on the bed, they find a crate with a fresh human heart, at first labeled as Goren's nephew's Donny's,  which is later identified as Nicole Wallace's.

The Captain starts an investigation of Goren, and, they come to find out, one of Goren's aliases was his beneficiary, William Brady. Goren tells them he knows serial killer Mark Ford Brady is his father. It is discovered that Declan wrote a book to lure Nicole, manipulated her into killing Frank, and killed her to give "the son he never had" a chance at a happy life, free of his demons.

According to Declan, Nicole's final words were, "Tell Bobby he was the only man I ever loved."


Main cast

Recurring cast

Guest cast


Arizona; Mark Ford Brady; Frances Goren; Jo Gage


Ross: Nicole Wallace, I'm told she's your white whale.

Declan: Bobby is being set up by someone very close to him. (suddenly turns to Eames) Maybe even you.
Eames: Excuse me?

(Gage is describing his murder of Nicole Wallace)
Declan: You should've seen her when she realized her time was up. She looked at me with those big doe eyes of hers and she said, "You tell Bobby that he's the only man I ever loved." As if a monster like that were capable of love!

(last lines)
Declan: Frank, Nicole, Me... We're dead weight. I wanted you to have a clean slate. You're free now. Bobby, you're free.

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