Frank Bucci
Name Frank Bucci
Title Detective
Affiliation NYPD
Occupation Police detective
Pathology Kidnapper
Family Unnamed mother
Donna Bucci (ex-wife)
Ivy Bucci (daughter)
Milly Bucci (daughter)
Status Imprisoned
Actor Nicholas Turturro
First Appearance "Part 33"
Last Appearance "Must Be Held Accountable"

Frank Bucci is a detective who was involved alongside the Special Victims Unit with the Annabeth Pearl case. He later requested the SVU's help when his daughters were being groomed.

History[edit | edit source]

Bucci testified during the trial of Annabeth Pearl, who was accused of murdering her abusive husband who was a police officer. (SVU: "Part 33")

Sometime after the Annabeth Pearl case, Bucci retired from the police force and joined private insurance fraud. He asked the SVU for their help when his two daughters, Ivy and Milly, were being groomed by Steve Getz. He showed anger towards Getz and was shocked that his daughters were defending him. Bucci was later brutally physically assaulted by two strangers who told him to keep his sister away from Getz. This "sister" was actually Detective Tamin, who had been posing as the girls' aunt undercover. He nearly went after Getz until Ivy promised to testify to avoid him potentially going to jail. When Judge Joe Ellery decided to not charge Getz, a furious Bucci invaded Detective Rollins's therapy session with Dr. Alexis Hanover and held them both hostage, demanding that Getz be charged. He stated he knows how SVU are with a case.(SVU: "Can't Be Held Accountable")

After releasing Hanover, who declined to press charges, Bucci took Rollins to a motel room. When he saw on the news that Getz was charged, he told Rollins she was free to go and apologized. Rollins then told Bucci he was going with her to the 16th Precinct. Upon arrival at the SVU, Rollins was taken away from Bucci while an angry Tutuola arrested Bucci. In the aftermath, Bucci worked out a deal with ADA Carisi that would result in less prison time, which was done to save Rollins from testifying which would cause her more trauma. Bucci was subsequently charged with one count of unlawful imprisonment, which carries a sentence of one year, while his mother gained custody of his daughters. (SVU: "Must Be Held Accountable")

Appearances[edit | edit source]

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