Frank Chess
Name Frank Chess
Affiliation Severini crime family
Occupation Car dealer
Pathology Mobster
Serial Killer
Status Imprisoned
Actor Federico Castelluccio
First Appearance "Contract"

Frank Chess was a former mob assassin who betrayed his partners to the FBI and went to Witness Protection Program being handled by U.S. Marshall Mary Shannon.

However, he eventually grew tired of this life and sought the company of former teenage girlfriend Beverly Tyson, they strike an affair for which Chess leaves the Program and writes a script draft for a movie, Contract Killer, that Beverly would produce trough her husband, Barry Freeburg, company. However after accidentally overhearing Beverly talking about newspaper columnist T.K. Richmond discovering his identity he decides to kill him with a bomb. Chess is later arrested while making another bomb and confesses. It's later revealed his actions were actually manipulated by Freeburg. (CI: "Contract")

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