Law and Order

Detective Frank Cosgrove is a Junior Detective of the Manhattan North Homicide Squad in the 27th Precinct. He was partnered with Detective Kevin Bernard.


Cosgrove and Bernard were partnered after Detective Cyrus Lupo's departure from the squad. They were called in to investigate the murder of entertainer and alleged serial rapist Henry King. When solving cases, Cosgrove can sometimes become abrasive or agitated. (L&O: "The Right Thing")

Cosgrove and Bernard were called to the scene of a gruesome murder, which was staged to look like an overdose. Cosgrove and Bernard broke the news to his parents and later got into a disagreement about race and LGBT issues while walking to the car. After Senator Jake Nathan was brought into the investigation, Cosgrove and Bernard questioned him, and Cosgrove became hostile towards Nathan's attorney. (L&O: "Wicked Game")

Cosgrove became deeply involved in the murder of an old friend, Detective James "Jimmy" Doyle, after he was shot and killed by the sister of the woman he was dating. (L&O: "Black and Blue")



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