Frank Hagar
Name Frank Hagar
Affiliation United States Navy
Occupation Former Navy sailor
Pawn shop owner
Pathology Bank robber
Master thief
Family Liz Rinaldi (daughter)
Rosie Rinaldi (granddaughter)
Status Alive
Actor Dabney Coleman
First Appearance Snatched

Frank "Frankie" Hagar is an elderly former bank robber and master thief for decades.


Frank Hagar was a Navy sailor who served on the USS Magpie and a veteran of the Korean War.

He was one of the best thieves in New York City for over forty years. In the 60s and 70s, if a big score went down, odds were Hagar was the mastermind. Hagar was involved in jewel heists, bank jobs and armored car robberies. He once hijacked a Radio Motor Patrol Police car, with a sleeping cop in the back, just to prove he could steal it. His last arrest was in 2004 for possession of stolen TVs, though he walked. His former son-in-law said Hager used to steal "anything that wasn't nailed down".

Patrolman Donald Cragen arrested him once in the 1970s.

By 2009, Hager no longer stole and was living in a nursing home due to dementia.

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