Frank Pembleton
Name Frank Pembleton
Title Detective (1989-1998)
Officer (1985-1988)
Affiliation Baltimore Police Department (1988-1998; retired)
NYPD (1985-1988)
Division Homicide Unit (1989-1998)
Robbery Unit (1997)
Occupation Professor (1998-present)
Police officer (1985-1998; retired)
Family Mary Whelan-Pembleton (wife)
Frank Pembleton, Jr. (son)
Olivia Pembleton (daughter)
Status Alive
Actor Andre Braugher
First Appearance L&O: "Charm City"

Detective Francis "Frank" Xavier Pembleton is based on the hit book "Homicide: A Year on the Killing Streets" by David Simon. He is based highly on Detective Harry Edgarton.

Frank Pembleton was born in New York City and was a police officer there but requested a transfer because he said "New York won't promote me (Pembleton)". Pembleton met his wife in Times Square and he moved to Baltimore there and in the episode "Stakeout" in 1995. It is shown he has lived in Baltimore for 10 years. Which meant up to that he was a homicide detective for seven years.

He later had a baby named Olivia and two years later he had another baby named Frank Jr. In "The Gas Man" he is targeted by a killer he put away six years eariler. His partner for the season's run was Detective Tim Bayliss who was loosely based on Detective Tom Pellegrini.

Pembleton is black and that is why he hates Captain Roger Gaffney because Gaffney is a racist. Proven when he called Pembleton "Boy". He was also deeply effected by the attacks at a church which killed six people including an 8 year old girl. Where the bomber would stand trial in New York for doing the same thing to the subway killing 20 people. In that episode ("For God and Country", and "Charm City") he got into arguments with detectives Lennie Briscoe and Rey Curtis.

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