Frank Taggart
Frank Taggart
Name Frank Taggart
Affiliation Two Cousins' Fish
Occupation Custodian
Pathology Assailant
Alleged serial killer
Alleged serial kidnapped
Status Alive
Actor Lou Sumrall
First Appearance "Manhunt"
Frank Taggart was a custodian working for Two Cousins' Fish who was a suspect of being The Bowery Stalker.


At some point Frank had a girlfriend, who he ended up punching in the face for unknown reasons, this assult caused him to be sentenced to jail and Frank served his jail time.

After being released from prison Frank started to work at Two Cousins' Fish as a custodian, who was notably lazy. When Detectives Munch and Tutuola came to Two Cousins' Fish they went to Olive, who was a former college of Detective Munch and Olive tells the detectives where Frank was. When Frank saw the detectives he tried to walk away but Detective Tutuola got in the way so Frank tried to move Detective Tutuola aside but he was apprehended. When Frank was questioned on where he was on the night of the abduction of Annie Tassler he was shown to be confused, even asking the detectives why he was brought to the interrogation room. The detectives believed that Frank was The Bowery Stalker, but their beliefs were confirmed to be false when Sarah Kimmel, a victim of The Bowery Killer who escaped looked at Frank and four other unnamed suspects and said that none of them were The Bowery Stalker.

Later, the detectives would discover that real identity of The Bowery Stalker was Darryl Kern along with his associate, Marvin Posey. (SVU: "Manhunt")

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