Fredo Garcia
SVU Meets Fredo Garcia
Name Fredo Garcia
Occupation Drug lord
Pathology Serial assailant
Serial harasser
Proxy murderer
Status Executed
Actor Louie Leonardo
First Appearance "Protection"

Fredo Garcia was a drug lord, the head of a drug trafficking ring, and the prime suspect in two murders and several shootings.


Fredo tortured and murdered fellow drug dealer Joey Stapleton, then had Miguel Ramos murdered because he witnessed the first murder. He then shot at several undercover police officers. Before his trial, he was attacked by another witness to the murders, his ex-girlfriend and Miguel's mother Maria.

After Maria was cleared of the assault and sent to Dallas, Texas, for protection, Fredo was tried and convicted of two counts of first-degree murder and attempted murder and was executed. (SVU: "Protection")

Known Victims

  • Maria Ramos (abused repeatedly; later non-fatally shot in the arm by Eddie Fuentes on his orders)
  • Luis Ramos (abused repeatedly; later shot at by Fuentes on his orders, but missed)
  • Joey Stapleton (tortured and murdered)
  • Unnamed man (assaulted; bludgeoned into unconsciousness with a stolen baseball bat)
  • Miguel Ramos (shot, but survived; later smothered to death by Eddie Fuentes on his orders; previously abused repeatedly)
  • The church shooting (no casualties; committed by Eddie Fuentes on his orders):
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