Gabriel Thomas
Name Gabriel Thomas
Occupation Pharmaceutical representative
Pathology Alleged serial rapist
Family Unnamed mother
Unnamed adoptive parents (both deceased)
Brian Smith (twin brother)
Janey Thomas (wife)
Luke Thomas (son)
Unnamed brother-in-law
Unnamed mother-in-law
Status Alive
Actor T.R. Knight
First Appearance "Double Strands"

Gabriel "Gabe" Thomas is a pharmaceutical representative who was the prime suspect in a series of rapes that were actually committed by his twin brother Brian Smith.


Gabriel was charged with multiple rapes and sent to prison. After hurting himself in prison, Gabriel's wife said that she told detectives that she couldn't believe it. She also said that he was the sweetest man in the world, recounting a time when she miscarried several years ago, where he didn't leave her side for the whole weekend. She then added that his parents were dead within months of each other, and that she and their six-year-old son were all that he had in the world.

Gabriel told the detectives that he is adopted, and his parents were good people, so never made contact with his birth mother. When Detectives Benson and Amaro find her, she tells them about giving up identical twin boys 36 years before. She went onto say that one of the boys, Brian, found her and wanted to reconnect. She told them about having a twin, and shortly after their visit, he was forced to testify against his adoptive mother because he watched as she drugged her husband and set him on fire. Gabriel is later exonerated after Brian is arrested for the rapes. (SVU: "Double Strands")

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