Gabriel Thomason
Name Gabriel Thomason
Occupation Activist
Pathology Double murderer
Family Alex Thomason (brother; deceased)
Status Imprisoned
Actor Brian Bloom
First Appearance "Strain"

Gabriel Thomason is a gay activist in New York City. After his brother, who was homosexual, died of an especially deadly strain of AIDS, Gabriel started a movement to warn other gay men about the dangers of casual sex while on drugs. He confessed to killing two infected men who had passed the strain of AIDS to his brother and threatened to do so to others.

Facing 50 years in prison, Gabriel was convicted of both murders, but the father of one of his victims, whose son had been distancing himself from his family while on drugs, understood the reasoning of Gabriel's actions and appealed for a more lenient sentence. Therefore, Gabriel was sentenced to 15 years in prison. (SVU: "Strain")

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