Law and Order
Law and Order
SVU, Episode 6.14
Production number: E5216
First aired: 5 February 2005
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Written By
Patrick Harbinson

Directed By
David Platt


While investigation a brutal beating and murder, Stabler learns that the crime-scene photos match a new video game. The defense attorney later blames the killing on the game.


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Stabler: "Pedestrian struck. Send a bus." Sounds like cop talk.
Fin: How does a cop on the Upper East Side know about an accident downtown?
Stabler: Unless he's the one who ran her over.
Stabler: Okay, so he goes ten blocks to kill himself. What's wrong with his own roof?
Dr. Warner: I answer that. I can tell you what he was doing before he jumped. See the glitter on his pants, known in the trade as "booty dust".
Fin: Larry had himself one last lap dance before he took the plunge.
Gates: Garrett plays these games up to 40 hours a week.
Novak: It's amazing he had time to commit murder. Let me know when you have the results.
Garrett: [after his and Louise's conviction] Bang-bang. You're dead.
Judge Seligman: Get him outta here!

Novak: [her closing summation] Did Garrett and Louise get the idea from a game? Yes. We get ideas all the time. From books, from TV, from friends, from life, from everywhere. We don't act on them. We know that the idea doesn't justify the deed. Don't let Mr. Gates blind you to the facts. Real people ran over a real person, and then they beat her to death. Melody Quinn felt real pain. She bled real blood. And she died a horrible and lonely death. It was not a game. Now, did Melody's killers know what they were doing? Well, their taunting of Larry Tauber, the one member of their trio with the humanity to feel regret, proves that they did! Garrett Perle said it himself. It was a joke! Well, you know what? Murder is no joke! So don't let them use a game as an excuse for their cruel and callous actions.

Background information and notes[]

  • The video game NtenCity and its legal woes are very similar to the furor over Grand Theft Auto III. Garrett Perle mentions using a cat as a silencer. This is a reference to Postal 2, released in 2003. Also in 2003, makers of GTA III were sued after two teens claimed that they were inspired by the game to murder. In addition, Ice-T, who plays Fin, also appeared in Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas as the voice of Madd Dogg.
  • The act of modifying the video game NtenCity is based on Columbine killer Eric Harris adding levels to the video game Doom, called the "Harris levels".
  • The controller that is used during the PET scan is actually a Nintendo GameCube controller except the colors are slightly different.
  • Goof: Cragen turns off the TV/game after Dickie Stabler shows them the game but after Cragen talks, the camera is back on the screen which shows the lady still on the screen bleeding.

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Crime Lab
One Police Plaza
Monday, January 24

152 East 99th Street
Monday, January 24

Tektop Games
143 Broadway
Tuesday, January 25

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Apartment of
Stuart Davis
132 Rivington Street
Tuesday, January 25

United States
Attorney's Office
Office of Raul Menendez
Thursday, January 27

Mercy General Hospital
Friday, January 28

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