Gayle Janaway
Name Gayle Janaway
Pathology Child molester
Family Steven Janaway (husband)
Brittany Janaway (daughter; deceased)
Status Imprisoned
Actor Maureen Anderman
First Appearance "Baby, It's You"

Gayle Janaway is the mother of Brittany Janaway, who she raped and murdered.


Gayle had been married to plastic surgeon Steven for 21 years; however, Steven was having a ten-year affair with his colleague Andrea Piotkin. Gayle, who had no knowledge of the affair, had reveled in her past popularity and her ability to attract boys with her beauty. However, after seeing her daughter Brittany blossom at such a young age, she became jealous of her and felt that Brittany and her modeling career gained all of Steven's attention.

Sometime in 1994, Gayle began molesting Brittany out of jealousy and a desire to lash out at Steven for paying so much attention to her. Brittany ended up hospitalized due to internal bleeding and was treated by Steven, who figured out that his wife was the cause and had been molesting her. Gayle continued the assault afterwards, and this ended up killing Brittany, as Gayle tore Brittany's vagina, causing her to go into toxic shock and developing a fatal infection.

Gayle acted mournful over Brittany, though she was revealed as Brittany's rapist and killer by Steven. All the while, Gayle said she and Steven had many fights and that he was never around when she wanted to talk to him. She later shoved Brittany's photos away after Detective Munch distributed them and asked her if she raped her own daughter, after which Gayle was booked and arrested. (L&O: "Baby, It's You")

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