CI, Episode 3.02
Production number: E4503
First aired: 5 October 2003
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Carver Eames Goren Gemini
Teleplay By
Jim Sterling

Story By
Jim Sterling & René Balcer

Directed By
Frank Prinzi

A string of murders that include an optician, plastic surgeon and hair stylist seems to have racial overtones.




Main cast

Guest cast




"Y-you know, I-I find paranoid schizophrenics make excellent witnesses."

- Robert Goren

"Excuse me. In the mornings, he straightens up out here… you went in the back?"
"Every morning for two years."
"Killer must have had front row seats."

- Robert Goren, Store Clerk and Alexandra Eames

"The effect to our company would have been devastating. We had to think of our employees."
"Yes, I'm sure they were foremost in your thoughts."

- Executive and Ron Carver

"My file was expunged."
"Expunged doesn't mean vaporized."

- Spencer Anderson and Alexandra Eames

"This is nice. Charles Darwin as a serial killer."

- Alexandra Eames

"Our shooter didn't write that letter."
"Great, another nut in the mix."

- Robert Goren and Alexandra Eames

"He considers Marilyn Monroe a prototype. An average brunette turned by cosmeticians and plastic surgeons into the first fake blue-eyed blonde."
"She's the vanguard of the master plan to pollute the gene pool of the pure white race."

- Robert Goren and James Deakins

"The twisted tango of brotherly love."

- Robert Goren

"So our shooter's a racist who's worried people are changing their looks, why? So they can infiltrate the Klan?"
"Or he might feel threatened by people he thinks are masking their true identity."

- James Deakins and Robert Goren

"None of this is true. You said so himself. He's crazy."
"Yeah, he may be crazy, but you're evil."

- Spencer Anderson and Robert Goren

"The tango just goes on."

- Alexandra Eames

Background information and notes

  • Interestingly, this episode shows not only the delusions of the suspect, but also the factors that promote changing brown eyes to blue, the cult of the artificial blond hair, as well as the ego, money and racism.

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