George Castle
George Castle
Name George Castle
Title Director
Affiliation Crown Prosecution Service
Status Alive
Actor Bill Paterson
First Appearance "Care"
Last Appearance "Skeletons"
George Castle is the former Director of London Crown Prosecution Service. Castle ran his office with an iron hand, keeping the pressure on James Steel and Alesha Phillips, of whom he was fiercely protective. His office is respite for Steel and Phillips from the front lines of the legal wars with the defense.

Castle is a shrewd political operator with a brilliant understanding of how the legal ramifications of a case go beyond the innocence or guilt of a particular defendant. George plied his trade as an independent barrister - working both prosecution and defense cases - before being snapped up by the CPS in 1990 when he was at the top of his profession. He is driven by a sense of justice and it was considered a coup for the CPS to get him.

George is fiercely protective of Phillips and Steel but he'll always make the tough decision when necessary. He can cut to the heart of a case in seconds and is always able to put a counter-argument to whatever position someone else is taking.

George Castle has recently been appointed Director of Public Prosecutions, Henry Sharpe took over the job of Director of the CPS.

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