L&O, Episode 16.03
Production number: 16003
First aired: 5 October 2005
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Written By
Rick Eid

Directed By
Constantine Makris


A deathbed confession from a career criminal causes Fontana to grudgingly re-open a cold case in which a child model was killed.


Main cast

Guest cast


  • Elements of this episode appear to be ripped from the headlines of the ongoing JonBenét Ramsey case.


Jack McCoy: If I were you, Mr. Dolan, I'd hate the police too. The press, the D.A.'s office, me . . . but I'd hate the person who killed my daughter more.

Alexandra Borgia: I just got off the phone with Mr. Dolan. He called me a miserable cow.

Arthur Branch: Keep your month shut and put your witness on the stand. If Fontana said he didn't make a promise, he didn't make a promise.

Anita Van Buren: McCoy wants a slam dunk...
Joe Fontana: I'd like a house in South Hampton.
Anita Van Buren: And I wanna keep my damn job.

Jack McCoy [to Fontana]: So his brother is willing to testify that he confessed to killing the victim?
Joe Fontana: Yeah, he's a decent guy.
Jack McCoy: Any arrests?
Joe Fontana: Two months for assault.
Jack McCoy: I thought he was a decent guy?

Alexandra Borgia: I'll cancel my date.
Jack McCoy: You sure?
Alexandra Borgia: Yeah, he's pretty annoying anyway.

Jack McCoy: Keep this quiet. We don't want the media calling us stupid just yet. Not until we know we are stupid.

Background information and notes

  • Kenny Muhammed is described as 'an ordained Muslim cleric'. Muslim clerics (imams) are not formally ordained. The definition of imam depends on the Islamic sect in question, but it can refer to the leader of a prayer group, a religious scholar, or the person who leads prayers at a mosque. No ordination ceremony is required to do any of these things.

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