Gia DeLuca
Gia DeLuca
Name Gia DeLuca
Title Anna Hutchinson
Affiliation Karl Atwood
Pathology Robber
Family Danny DeLuca (brother)
Status Imprisoned
Actor Michele Hicks
First Appearance "One"

Gia DeLuca (alias Anna Hutchinson) was a robber and the girlfriend of fellow robber Karl Atwood.


As Karl's girlfriend, Gia became his most trusted accomplice. She was enlisted by Karl to go take pictures of a safe in a jewelry store where $300 million worth of diamonds was being stored. Gia used the alias of Anna Hutchinson to gain access to the store, successfully got a picture of the safe, and gave it to Karl. She then sent off a couple living next door on a phony prize trip to Atlantic City. This allowed Gia, Karl, and his other accomplices, Jake NathanMichael Carson, and Casten Zivkovic, to use the couple's house to infiltrate the store. While Gia, Jake, and Casten retrieved the diamonds, Karl killed Carson and then the couple's daughter and her boyfriend.


When Karl talks to Masucci Crime Family soldier Jimmy Randazzo, Gia is present and becomes an indirect witness to Jimmy's murder. Later, after Karl realizes Jake had tipped the police off to his location, he escapes, leaving Gia to be arrested by Detectives Goren and Eames

During her interrogation, Goren convinces Gia that Karl is only using her, and that he was having a relationship with Michael in prison. He shows Gia files confirming that Michael had AIDS, and that through Karl, she was also infected. He promises to make sure she gets good medical care in prison if she helps him bring Karl in. With ADA Carver's cooperation, Gia is released.

Gia retrieves the diamonds and is met by Karl, who is suspicious about why the police released her, and he threatens to kill her. She tells him about Goren's attempt to convince her that he has AIDS and denies working for the police. To persuade him that she does not believe the police, she sleeps with him. Later, Goren and the other police officers arrive to arrest Karl. During the arrest, Goren reveals that he lied about Karl having AIDs and has officers escort Gia to prison.

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