Gilbert Keppler
Name Gilbert Keppler
Title Doctor
Occupation Pediatrician
Pathology Serial sexual assailant
Family Unnamed father
Status Deceased
Actor Lawrence Arancio
First Appearance "Lead"

Dr. Gilbert Keppler was a pediatrician and a pedophile.


Keppler, at some point, started using his position as a pediatrician to molest teenage boys. To cover up what he was doing, he would explain it as a medical procedure. One of his patients and victims, Jeff Lynwood, was taken care of by Keppler when he was five after he had a seizure. Keppler mistakenly drew up a false conclusion on what caused Jeff to have a seizure. As a result, Jeff underwent the wrong kind of treatment, and therefore suffered permanent and irreversible brain damage.

Dr. Keppler was convicted of four of the molestations, but filed a lawsuit against the police department, claiming they knew of his actions long before taking action. After Jeff learned that Keppler molested him during his time with him, he went to his house and murdered Keppler. The lawsuit was dismissed afterwards. (SVU: "Lead")

Known Victims

  • Four unnamed victims (all molested)
  • Jeff Lynwood (molested repeatedly)