Gilberto Mancheno
Name Gilberto Mancheno-Amaro
Affiliation Casey Stengel Middle School
Occupation Student
Family Nick Amaro (father)
Cynthia Mancheno (mother)
Zara Amaro (paternal half-sister)
Cesaria Amaro
(paternal grandmother)
Nicolas Fiorello Amaro
(paternal grandfather)
Sonya Amaro (paternal aunt)
Unnamed uncle
Status Alive
Actor Jaden Matthew Rodriguez
First Appearance "Undercover Blue"
Last Appearance "Granting Immunity"

Gilberto "Gil" Mancheno-Amaro is the son of Detective Nick Amaro and Cynthia Mancheno.


Gil is the product of his parents' relationship while Nick was undercover on a case. He was raised by his mother alone until she eventually meets a man named Roberto Chavez and he starts grooming him to be a drug runner.


Eventually, it is revealed to Nick that he is Gilberto's father and sees him at a bus stop. He later witnesses Roberto put drugs in Gil's backpack and Gil leaves to drop them off as Nick follows him. Gil delivers the drugs outside a building and tow men give him money to pass on to Roberto. Gil later accompanies his mother to her attorney's office and witnesses Amaro intervene. Cynthia tells Gil to wait outside and he says it is nice to meet him, something Nick reciprocates. He is later seen when Amaro enters their house in an attempting to forge a relationship with him. (SVU: "Undercover Blue")

From that point on, he bonds with Nick and addresses him as "Uncle Nick", all the while remaining oblivious that he is Nick's biological son. Amaro comes to Gil's school for family day and explains the nature of his job. Amaro answers all of Gil's fellow students' questions until his phone rings and he promptly leaves while promising Gil to take him to a Rangers game. When Amaro comes to pick him up, he puts on the hockey jersey Amaro got him as a present and Gil hugs him as they leave for the game. When Nick is shot, Gil comes to visit him in the hospital and his mother leaves them alone so they can talk about Nick's status as Gil's father. (SVU: "Born Psychopath")

Gil is later seen playing catch with his mother, father, and half-sister Zara Amaro. (SVU: "Her Negotiation")

He later informs his father that his mother is thinking of moving the both of them to San Diego to be closer to her family. Gil asks Amaro to talk to her and try to convince her to stay in New York. (SVU: "Granting Immunity")


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