Gina Cappelletti
Name Gina Cappelletti
Title Detective
Affiliation NYPD
Occupation Detective
Status Deceased
Actor Charlotte Sullivan
First Appearance "Not Your Father's Organized Crime"
Last Appearance "Everybody Takes a Beating Sometime"

Gina Cappelletti was an undercover police detective who has infiltrated a club run by the mafia to keep an eye on mob-connected businessman Richard Wheatley.

History[edit | edit source]

Cappelletti was shot by Richard Wheatley, Jr., who she had been dating in order to infiltrate the Wheatley crime ring, after Dana Wheatley discovered camera footage documenting Cappelletti planting a bug. (OC: "I Got This Rat")

She was later discovered by the Organized Crime Control Bureau deceased and buried in a shallow grave. When Richie is brought into custody, Ayanna Bell and Elliot Stabler confront the former on his role in Gina's death. Richie refuses to confess to killing Gina so Bell lambasts him for his actions and believes that Richard Jr. didn't deserve Gina's decency after discovering what it led to. This causes a repentant Richard to breakdown into tears as the detectives depart from his cell. (OC: "Everybody Takes a Beating Sometime")

Appearances[edit | edit source]

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