"Girl Most Likely"
L&O, Episode 12.17
Production number: E2227
First aired: 27 March 2002
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Written By
Lynn Mamet

Directed By
Steve Shill

When a teenager is found dead in the laundry room of her building, the detectives discover a number of her classmates who might have wanted to silence her.

Plot[edit | edit source]

When a high school student is found dead in an apartment building, Briscoe and Green suspect that the murder was a result of her getting a message board shut down. As McCoy and Southerlyn investigate the case further, they realize that her best friend, who was reluctant to come forward as a witness, may be the answer to the murder.

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References[edit | edit source]

Julia Cade; Strickland Academy; Dana Stokely

Quotes[edit | edit source]

Coming out's gotta be a pretty tough thing to do, no matter how understanding your parents are.

Serena Southerlyn, in dialog inconsistent with the later revelation that her character was gay. Suggesting she was in the closet at work or the writers changed the character.

I don't see how we can abandon a viable negotiating tactic just because it's politically incorrect.

–Jack McCoy, defending his plan to use the fear of being outed in a public trial to get Alicia Milford to plead guilty.

I got on the floor with her. She wasn't breathing. She was just lying there with this soft look on her face, and I remember thinking, 'This must be the way she looks when she's asleep...'

–Alicia Milford, recounting the accidental killing of her best friend Julia Cade.

He told us he was out running, he just didn't mention it was from the crime scene.

–Lennie Briscoe on the discovery that Denny Carlson was likely at the crime scene.

Background information and notes[edit | edit source]

Background information and notes

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