Gloria (Art)
Name Gloria
Affiliation Champlain Museum of Art
Occupation Assistant
Status Alive
Actor Marceline Hugot
First Appearance "Art"
Gloria is an accomplice of Anne Ellis in the Champlain Museum of Art.


Gloria approaches Anne right after she was done calling someone for a meeting and Gloria informs Anne that the prototype of a the Monet painting donated by William and Rachel Blunt was done. Anne seems unintrested and tells Gloria that she has to go for a family emergency and Gloria seems to be suspisious about it.

Gloria is at the Champlain Museum of Art and sees Detectives Goren and Eames, who want to talk to Gloria about the murder of Anne. Gloria tells the detectives how the picture donated by the Blunts was now the legacy painting of Anne. Detective Eames tells Gloria that there was an apparant lightening problem but Gloria says that the Blunts had to leave the museum for an unknown reason. Gloria then brings the detectives to Anne's office where she says that she was shocked that Anne was killed and shows sympathy towards her husband. Detective Goren informs Gloria that Anne had the Monet checked to see if it was fake which had shocked Gloria. Gloria premumabbly allowed Detective Goren to see if the painting was fake through Fred DeLuca. (CI: "Art")

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