Gloria Stanfield
Gloria stanfield
Name Gloria Stanfield
Occupation Actress
Pathology Conspirator
Proxy murderer
Statutory rapist
Family Lawrence Fuller (first ex-husband; deceased)
Kyle Fuller (stepson and second ex-husband)
Chloe Fuller (daughter)
Unborn son
Status Executed
Actor Sherilyn Fenn
First Appearance "Deception"

Gloria Stanfield was an actress and the stepmother of Kyle Fuller.


After hiring her boyfriend, who had gotten her pregnant with a son, to murder her first husband, Lawrence Fuller, she married Kyle, so he would not testify against her.

After realizing that he wasn't the father and what Gloria had done, especially to his father, Kyle filed for immediate divorce and she was arrested for murder for hire in the death of her late husband immediately after she terminated her pregnancy.

Gloria was tried and convicted of murder in the first degree and conspiracy to commit murder in the first degree and was executed. Her daughter Chloe currently resides with Kyle and relatives.