SVU, Episode 6.23
Production number: E5225
First aired: 24 May 2005
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Arthur Branch
Written By
Tara Butters & Michele Fazekas

Directed By
Peter Leto


When two police officers in separate precincts attack their wives and demonstrate suicidal behavior, Benson and Stabler suspect a malaria drug both men received while serving in a reserve unit in Afghanistan.


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Benson: Are you sleeping with him?
Vaill: Let me be very clear, Detective Benson. I'd be more inclined to have an affair with you.
Benson: Got it.

Tutuola: Callahan's either a great guy or an unpredictable bastard, depending on who you talk to.
Benson: That's helpful.
Tutuola: It's better than Munch's "evil twin" theory.

Novak: Take a look at this.
Cragen: Yeah, we've seen it.
Novak: So has Arthur Branch. Meaning I'll be a special kind of pain in your ass until this is sufficiently explained.

Branch: Conference room, now.
Stabler: What's that about?
Novak: Oh, that's probably just about another of the subpoenas I sent out.
Stabler: For what?
Novak: Donald Rumsfeld.

Novak: Do you believe Quinium to be a safe drug?
Trainer: Ms. Novak, what we have not discussed is the fact that malaria is a highly deadly disease. It kills over 2,000,000 people worldwide every year. Every 12 seconds, a child dies from malaria.
Novak: That's very sad, Dr. Trainer. You didn't even attempt to answer my question. Is Quinium safe?
Trainer: All reliable scientific evidence says that it is.

Novak: We had a shot at changing things, making them listen, making them stop. I don’t understand why you didn't come to me. I could have helped you. And when the truth came out, they never could have touched you.
Trainer: Ms. Novak, you are very young. And that is not the way the world works.

Background information and notes

  • Casey Novak's father served in Vietnam as "a door gunner on a Huey [UH-1 helicopter]."
  • Continuity Error: While approaching the fish market, Munch mentions to Tutuola that he worked in the market as a kid and made good money there. John Munch grew up in Baltimore as was explained in Homicide: Life on the Streets, not New York City. In the episode "Kaddish" explored his past growing up in Baltimore when a girl he had a crush on in high school was murdered.
  • Continuity Error: Stabler is referred to as a Desert Storm veteran, though he was already out of the marines by that time.
  • Quiniam is not a real drug. There is, however, an anti-malarial drug called Lariam that has been linked to psychosis, suicidal feelings and other dangerous side effects.
  • when Sherm walks into the precinct he calls Munch and Novak, sitting next to each other"Mulder and Scully". This is in refrence to the X-Files, which is odd considering that munch has infact met the pair in a crossover with Homicide.

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New York University
Medical Center
Psychiatric Ward
Wednesday, April 6

Fort Crompton
Base Clinic
Wednesday, April 6

Lennox Grand Hotel
15 Ninth Avenue
Wednesday, April 6

Lifshin Forner
322 Park Avenue
Thursday, April 7

New York State
Supreme Court
Grand Jury
Tuesday, April 19

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