"Gone Baby Gone"
SVU, Episode 19.09
Production number: 19009
First aired: 3 January 2018
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Written By
Lawrence Kaplow & Elizabeth Rinehart

Directed By
Jean de Segonzac


Emotions run high as the SVU squad searches frantically for Benson's missing son.




Main cast

Recurring cast

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Olivia: I'm his mother, Sheila.
Sheila: Why? Cause a judge signed a piece of paper? That doesn't make you his mother.
Olivia: Actually... actually Sheila it does.
Sheila: He is my blood. He is my family. He will never be apart of you the way he is a part of me.
Olivia: Blood isn't the only thing that makes families, Sheila. Legally... Noah is my son.

William: Well I'm glad to see you're on our side, Detective Tutuola.
Odafin: Count your blessings, chief.
(Dodds leaves)
Odafin: Dick.

Background Information and Notes

  • The events of this episode happen immediately after the events of the previous episode.

Episode scene cards

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575 NJ-17
Ridgewood, New Jersey
Wednesday, December 6

Mazanno & Sons Auto Sales
220 Post Road
Bronx, New York
Wednesday, December 6

Awesome Baby
143 9th Avenue
Wednesday, December 6

Law Offices of
Susan Janet
252 West 50th Street
Thursday, December 7

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