"Good Faith"
L&O, Episode 17.17
Production number: 17017
First aired: 30 March 2007
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Cassady Green In Good Faith
Written By
David Slack

Directed By
Sam Weisman


Green and Cassady investigate an arson turned homicide when a body found in a burned church turns out to have been murdered before the fire started. While they solve the other church arsons, they discover the arsonists, a pair of college students are not the killers. Eventually they learn the killer is the fanatically religious father of one of the victim's students. He claims that he feared God's wrath for his daughter being exposed to the theory of evolution and McCoy demands a psych evaluation to determine if he's competent to stand trial.

Before it comes back, they realize that the guidance counselor was lying about when he'd last seen the daughter, Mary and figure out he was having an affair with her. The counselor confesses and agrees to testify in exchange for not going to prison for it. They confront the father and daughter having realized that the father found out about the affair because Mary got an STD and she lied about who it was. The father then murdered who he thought was sleeping with his daughter. To protect his daughter from consequences, the father pleads guilty to all charges and McCoy tells his attorney that he's planning to ask for 25 years to life in prison given the severity of the crimes.


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Jack McCoy: I'll take that as an error of confession.
Danielle Melnick: How long has it been since your last confession?

Jacob Reese: AIDS doesn't target homosexuals and fornicators by sheer dumb luck. Hurricane Katrina didn't wipe out New Orleans by chance?
Jack McCoy: You feared that a hurricane could strike your daughter, Mr. Reese?

Judge Nora Glover: Who am I to say that the defendant's belief in a literal God is not reasonable?
Jack McCoy: You are a judge. In a court of law.

Danielle Melnick: Who's winning, the Christians or the Lions?
Jack McCoy: Who are you? And what have you done with Danielle Melnick?

Danielle Melnick: Goodnight and God bless Jack.

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Episode scene cards

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New Redemption Church
330 Morton Street
Tuesday, February 7

Apartment of
Charles Nash
586 East 5th Street
Tuesday, February 7

McTanner's Tavern
717 Greenwich Street
Tuesday, February 7

Bare Hugs
469 West 23rd Street
Wednesday, February 8

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Apartment of
Jacob Reese
661 East 13th Street
Wednesday, February 8

Supreme Court
Motion Hearing
Friday, February 17

Rikers Island
Correctional Facility
Monday, February 20

Supreme Court
730 Examination Hearing
Thursday, March 2

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