"Good Girl"
L&O, Episode 7.03
Production number: K1103
First aired: 2 October 1996
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Written By
Jeremy R. Littman

Directed By
Jace Alexander

The shooting of an African-American man by a white woman leads to racial tensions.


The death of a student leads to a case in which the alleged murderer claims that the victim raped her, and that she defended herself against another assault.


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Gina: I know plenty of guys that don't go out Saturday night without a rubber and a roofie.
Lennie:Why don't you come down to the station with us, let us take your fingerprints?
Arlene: No, no, no, no, no. You're not going to run a Furman on me.
Lennie: A Furman? Right, have it your way. We'll get back to you.

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128 Fordham Road
Monday, July 10

Suncrest Rest Home
Queens, NY
Thursday, July 13

Home of Mr. & Mrs. Mason
325 Harper
Queens, NY
Friday, July 14

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Supreme Court
Indictment Hearing
Wednesday, August 2

Chambers of
Judge Rebecca Stein
Tuesday, September 12

Supreme Court
Trial Part 50
Thursday, September 14

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