"Gov Love"
L&O, Episode 15.07
Production number: E5313
First aired: 10 November 2004
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Richard Kaplan
Written By
Ross Berger & Richard Sweren

Directed By
Michael Pressman


A governor's wife's murder leads to infidelity, greed and corruption. McCoy has to make some choices during the case.

Jack goes to Albany and successfully nullifies the Gay Marriage laws for New York which were preventing a witness from giving testimony under the spousal laws, however this comes back to bite him as his witness is so upset with him for ruining the happiness of hundreds of couples just for this case that he refuses to give any testimony even with the threat of contempt of court.


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Background information and notes

  • In late February and early March 2004, real-life New Paltz Mayor Jason West performed several same-sex marriages until a temporary court injunction by Judge Vincent Bradley stopped him, and in June 2004, Judge Michael Kavanagh made the injunction permanent.
    • In Gov Love, New Paltz Mayor Jonas Carpentino performed several same-sex marriages until a court injunction stopped him.
  • On July 6, 2006, the real-life New York Court of Appeals invalidated same-sex marriage in New York in a 4-2 majority.
    • In Gov Love, the New York Court of Appeals made a similar ruling by a 4-3 majority.
  • In real-life, New Jersey Governor Jim McGreevey was embroiled in pay-to-play and extortion scandals but then announced on August 12, 2004 that he was resigning effective November 15, 2004, stating it was because he was "a gay American" and had engaged in a gay adulterous affair with a man whom he had appointed as a homeland security advisor (despite the man's complete inexperience in the area) - two months after Connecticut Governor John Rowland resigned over similar accusations; while McGreevey was never charged in the case, Rowland pled guilty to fraud charges and went to prison.
    • In Gov Love (which aired on November 10, 2004), Connecticut Governor Michael Riordan resigns after engaging in a gay adulterous affair with a man, Devin Bradley, whom he had arranged to be hired as Deputy Commissioner of Transportation (despite the man's complete inexperience in the area), and Bradley's husband had been a major part of the Governor's pay-to-play and extortion scheme.

Episode scene cards

1 2

Tri-State Ten Studios
White Plains, New York
Tuesday, October 14

Kaplan & Associates
South End Site
Bridgeport, Connecticut
Wednesday, October 15

3 4 5

Connecticut Department
of Transportation
Hartford, Connecticut
Thursday, October 16

Office of the Governor
Hartford, Connecticut
Thursday, October 23

Supreme Court
Trial Part 49
Monday, November 17

6 7 8

Office of the Mayor
New Paltz, New York
Tuesday, November 18

Appellate Division
First Department
Monday, November 24

Supreme Court
Trial Part 49
Tuesday, December 5

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