Grace Larkin
Grace Larkin
Name Grace Larkin
Affiliation New York Supreme Court
Division Criminal Term
Occupation Judge
Status Alive
Actor Rochelle Oliver
First Appearance "Manhood"
Last Appearance "Ill-Conceived"

Grace Larkin is a Judge based in Manhattan, New York City.

Adam Schiff once implied she is biased toward the police in her cases, saying that her "politics aren't with you when the law's against you." (L&O: "Manhood")

Arthur Branch also stated his dismay for her, claiming that her right turn signal on her car is burnt out. (L&O: "Ill-Conceived")

Cases tried

  • Ruled that Officer Weddeker cannot talk about who wrote the memo revealing the victim was gay since he doesn't have direct knowledge on the subject.
  • Ruled that while Executive ADA McCoy pushed the envelope by withholding a certain witness statement, his actions were not unethical and rules not to dismiss the charges or sanction McCoy and ADA Kincaid, but does allow the defense to call the witness to the stand.
  • Ordered a 730 exam to determine whether Napoli is competent to stand trial in response to defense's motion to dismiss based on his client's inability to aid in his own defense.
  • At the competency hearing she denied the defense's motion dismiss and rules the defendant fit to stand trial.
  • Denied defense's second motion to dismiss after it is discovered the man Napoli hired to kill someone subcontracted the job to someone else and allowed the subcontractor to testify at Napoli's trial.


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