"Granting Immunity"
SVU, Episode 16.19
Production number: 16019
First aired: 8 April 2015
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Teleplay By
Brianna Yellen & A. Zell Williams

Story By
Julie Martin & Warren Leight

Directed By
Holly Dale
Law and Order SVU 16x19 Promo "Granting Immunity" (HD)

Law and Order SVU 16x19 Promo "Granting Immunity" (HD)

An underage sex party leads to a measles epidemic in New York City.


Pornographic photos from 15-year-old Savannah Biel's house party quickly circulate around her Tribeca high school and go viral. Barba's efforts to arrest the student responsible for posting the images is stalled when several suspects fall victim to a fast-moving measles outbreak. When Benson's foster son also catches the illness, she investigates a group of mothers who may have falsified their children's medical records. Meanwhile, Amaro receives some distressing news about his son.


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Amaro: Did I miss an episode of "Girls"? Remind me what a rainbow party is.

[After Carisi shows Barba pictures from the rainbow party from his tablet]
Barba: You realize that just showing me these could be considered a federal crime?
Carisi: Seriously?
Barba: Yeah, if that's your personal tablet, I'd get rid of those.

Principal Schwartz (to Olivia about Trudi Malko): She's got a lifestyle website. She reviews holistic treatments, herbal therapies. She's the queen bee of the Tribeca moms.
Olivia: Well, there's one in every hive.

Carisi (to Arlene Heller): I didn't know you had a kid, Counselor.
Arlene Heller: Don't remind me. A kid, a cat and a client at 5:00, so let's get this over with.

[After Larry Heller's cell phone is found in his locker after he claims he lost it]
Arlene Heller (to Larry): You're dumber than your father, you know that?

Olivia (to Trudi Malko): You are endangering the health of every child in this city.
Trudi Malko: So this is personal? Because your son took ill, you (to Barba) and you are coming after me?
Barba: No, this has nothing to do with Sergeant Benson's son. You are openly flouting the law. This is reckless endangerment and we will stop you.

Olivia (to Trudi Malko): You may want to think about shutting your mouth! My son wouldn't have pneumonia if it weren't for you.

Background information and notes

  • The episode is in large part based on the MMR vaccine controversy, which involved the unsubstantiated belief that there is a link between the MMR vaccine and autism. Trudy Malko is likely based on Jenny McCarthy, a former Playboy model who became infamous for promoting these ideas.
  • In response to the information about a rainbow party, Rollins said she would never have kids. However, she ends up having two: Jesse and Billie.

Episode scene cards

1 2 3

Tribeca Academy
157 Franklin Street
Monday, March 9

Casey Stengel Middle School
30-99 44th Street
Wednesday, March 11

Loft of
Mia and Savannah Biel
59 White Street
Wednesday, March 11

4 5 6

Hudson Park Pediatrics
89 Thomas Street
Thursday, March 12

Supreme Court
Part 13
Monday, April 6

Supreme Court
Part 13
Wednesday, April 8

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