Greg Jezic
Name Greg Jezic
Occupation Enforcer
Pathology Repeat offender
Convicted murderer
Convicted assailant
Status Deceased
Actor Uncredited
First Appearance "Tragedy"

Greg Jezic was an ex-convict and a prime suspect in the kidnapping of Annika Bergeron.


Prior to the kidnapping, Jezic, working for a loan shark, had previous convictions of assault and manslaughter in Upstate New York.

After the kidnapping, Jezic requested a $100,000 ransom in exchange for Annika Bergeron's location, but as he approached Daniel Lester, the father of Annika's baby, he refused to disclose Annika's location and fought Daniel over the ransom money, when he suddenly got struck by a car, sustaining fatal injuries. As he died, he still refused to disclose any information about Annika's location. (SVU: "Tragedy")

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