"Gridiron Soldier"
SVU, Episode 15.16
Production number: 15016
First aired: 5 March 2014
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Teleplay By
John P. Roche

Story By
John P. Roche & Julie Martin

Directed By
Jean de Segonzac

A college recruit from Georgia becomes a victim of team hazing and violence in New York City.


High school football star Cedric Jones goes missing in New York City, and his uncle seeks help from their hometown friend, Detective Rollins. Though already committed to attending Georgia Tech, Cedric nevertheless accepted a free weekend recruiting trip from Hudson University's football team. When the cops find him in jail, they suspect the truth may have led to a cruel prank that spiraled out of control. Sgt. Benson's investigation into the football team and its popular coach uncovers several victims of abuse, prejudice and hazing. Meanwhile, Rollins turns to an old friend to help deal with her escalating troubles. Eventually, thanks to the accusations of football player Eddie Thorpe, Coach Bill Becker and several members of the team are arrested for rape and its discovered that at least four members of the football team are also victims of it. Eddie, who had dreams of joining the NFL, quits football even though the coach taking a plea bargin means what happened to him will never get out. Eddie reveals he's gay to Amaro and doesn't want to hide anymore which he would have to do in the NFL.


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Olivia: Since when did we become the voices of reason?
Fin: Sooner or later you play all the parts.

Fin: If you ask me, the only difference between a football team and a gang is gangs don't wear helmets and kneepads.

Rollins: Every time I try and help somebody out, I just end up making it a lot worse.

Olivia: Barba told me just last week to pick my battles and this one is just not a good one.

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Hudson University
Practice Field
309 West 103 Street
Sunday, February 16

Gym Sportsbar
167 8th Avenue
Sunday, February 16

Arraignment Court
Part 13
Tuesday, February 18

Bellevue Hospital
Prison Unit
Tuesday, February 18

Office of
Coach Bill Becker
Hudson University
309 West 103 Street
Wednesday, February 19

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"Gridiron Soldier"
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