CI, Episode 5.01
Production number: 05001
First aired: 25 September 2005
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Nicole Wallace Goren Grow
Teleplay By
Marlane Gomard Meyer

Story By
Marlane Gomard Meyer & René Balcer

Directed By
Frank Prinzi

The murder of a city employee leads Goren and Eames to an old nemesis, but her efforts to protect a girl force the detectives to wonder if someone else is at fault.




Main cast

Recurring cast

Guest cast


56th Precinct; Australia; Eastman, Leslie; Middleton Community College; NYC Department of Health; potassium chloride; Staten Island; Taft Housing Projects; Thailand; Yates, Buster


  • Nicole Wallace: You don't see me at all, do you? I thought this is a land of second chances...
  • Robert Goren: There's no second chance for you….'cause wherever you go, people die.
  • Nicole Wallace: Accidents, Bobby….they happen in every family.
  • Robert Goren: Did you think that you've finally met the one, a man who senses his own limitations, who understood the weakness of others and he had a daughter, a daughter who loved you…
  • Nicole Wallace: She does love me…
  • Robert Goren: Here you are, with a child killer as a boyfriend because this is the kind of people that you attract, because you will never have a normal life, a normal life is not for you Nicole…

  • Gwen (the little girl): Daddy doesn't love, does he?
  • Nicole Wallace: Sometimes daddies can love too much…you wouldn't want that…

  • Robert Goren: One day, Gwen will do something or maybe she'll do nothing and you'll snap…
  • Nicole Wallace: No…no…that won't happen…
  • Robert Goren: You're not safe to be around Nicole…too much damage has been done.
  • Nicole Wallace: No, with her I'll be healed …it will be all right...
  • Robert Goren: No…if you want to save yourself you have to face up to who you are…
  • Nicole Wallace: That`s it...that`s all you have for me?...Confess...go to prison?

  • Mike Logan: (about Wallace): 18 murders…wow…beauty, brains and a complete dream-girl.

Background information and notes

This marks the return of Mike Logan as a regular in any L&O series since the original series episode Pride, which Logan had been removed from homicide for punching out a corrupt politician who just got away with murder. Logan appeared in the made for TV movie Exiled: A Law & Order Movie that takes place between his time in Major Case and Homicide. His final appearance as of yet in any L&O series was in the finale of CI's Season 7 Last Rites.

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