Gwen Chapel
Gwen Chapel
Name Gwendolyn Chapel
Occupation Student
Family Evan Chapel (father)
Monica Chapel (mother; deceased)
Larry Chapel (uncle; deceased)
Unnamed aunt
Status Unknown
Actor Molly Gottlieb
First Appearance Grow
Last Appearance Frame

Gwendolyn "Gwen" Chapel is a little girl who had cancer and someone Nicole Wallace had come to care about. Prior to her meeting Nicole, her father killed her mother and was planning to kill her for the insurance money.


Gwen is first seen talking with the gravestone of her mother. Her uncle Larry and her father Evan stood with her. Later she learned through Nicole Wallace that her uncle had a drug problem. When her father tried to kill her, Nicole saved her, taking her to her aunt's house. (CI: "Grow")

Detectives Goren and Eames later visited Gwen when Nicole killed Goren's brother and Nicole sent her and Goren a bouquet of flowers. The detectives discover that she is dying of cancer and Goren theorizes that this was the trigger that caused Nicole to kill again. (CI: "Frame")

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