Gwen Munch
Name Gwen Munch
Occupation Conspiracy theorist
Family Genevieve Talbot (mother; deceased)
John Munch (ex-husband)
Status Alive
Actor Carol Kane
First Appearance HLOTS: "All is Bright"
Last Appearance SVU: "Wonderland Story"

Gwen Munch was the first wife of Detective John Munch, who at the time of their marriage was still with the Baltimore Police Department.


Munch loved her dearly, but she was not well, and much as he tried, he could not get her to stay on her medication. Her mood swings got worse and worse and eventually, the two ended up divorcing. Munch never recovered from the split, though he tried to get over Gwen with three short-lived marriages. Sometime later, Gwen dated and slept with Detective Lennie Briscoe from the NYPD. This often made things awkward between Briscoe and Munch, but they remained friends.


More recently, Munch and Gwen were reunited when one of Gwen's fellow paranoiacs, Peter Harrison, killed a tourist, Rachel Nauss. Gwen appeared more composed and said she had been thinking about going back on her medication, if Munch would come back to her. Munch regarded this offer coolly, and when he later took her into protective custody, fearing that Harrison was after her, her paranoia flared up once more, and she told him she did not know him anymore. (SVU: "Zebras")

Her whereabouts since Harrison's arrest were unrevealed until Munch's retirement party, where she is a guest. (SVU: "Wonderland Story")


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