Gwen Sibert
Name Gwen Sibert
Pathology Alleged child abuser
Family Noah Sibert (husband)
Christopher Ryan (former foster son)
Status Alive
Actor Julie Bowen
First Appearance "Trials"

Gwen Sibert is a woman who was raped by Noah Sibert.


Gwen was raped by Noah but was unaware that Noah was her rapist. They got married and adopted a troubled boy named Christopher. Christopher soon ran away and accused Gwen and Noah of child abuse but it turned out that Christopher didn't like that Gwen and Noah were vegetarians.

When Noah was suspected of rape, Gwen was furious and refused to believe that Noah was a rapist. It wasn't until Noah was arrested and he confessed to Gwen and asked her to say the rape was consensual that Gwen realized that she had married her own rapist. Gwen reacted by kicking Noah in his genitals then walked away sad and shocked. (SVU: "Trials")

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