Law and Order
Law and Order
Hal Brightman
Name Hal Brightman
Occupation Psychiatrist
Pathology Serial assailant
Serial kidnapper
Family Unnamed mother (deceased)
Gene Brightman (brother)
Status Imprisoned
Actor David Eigenberg
First Appearance "Strange Beauty"

Dr. Hal Brightman is a psychiatrist who amputated the legs of six women because he believed he was "improving" them.


When Hal was thirteen and his brother Gene was nine, their mother got into a car accident in which she lost her left leg and the lower part of her face was destroyed. This happened while he was coming of age sexually, and from then on, he was sexually aroused by amputees. Eventually, Gene became a plastic surgeon, while Hal became a psychiatrist. One of his patients was Jess Hardwicke, who was depressed about losing her leg to bone cancer. Hal helped her get a job as a receptionist for Gene. Shortly after becoming a doctor, Hal went to drug addict and prostitute Lisa Everly, and paid her to let him cut off her leg in order to fulfill a long-held sexual fantasy, in which he believed that he had "improved" her by cutting off her leg. Every few years, Hal would pay a woman to let him cut off her leg.

Hal kidnaps one of Hardwicke's costumers, Nina Raedo, and amputates her leg, but she has a bad reaction to the anesthesia and dies. Hal leaves her body in the trunk of an abandoned car. When Detectives Benson and Rollins question Hal about how someone used his name to buy anesthesia, he tells them that it may have been one of his former patients. Benson and Rollins lead him to believe that they suspect his brother of killing Raedo, and ask him if there are any psychological reasons that his brother would be fascinated with amputation. Hal tells them about their mother, and says that meeting Jess may have awakened those feelings in Gene. The detectives reveal that Gene is gay, which Hal did not know, and that he was actually the one going through puberty at the time of their mother's accident. Cornered, Hal admits to accidentally killing Raedo. He then shows the detectives the makeshift operation room he has in a storage room, and admits that he has amputated five other women. (SVU: "Strange Beauty")