Hank Coburn
Name Hank Coburn
Affiliation Escapade Holidays
Old Europe International
Occupation Entrepreneur
Pathology Double murderer
Status Imprisoned
Actor Kent Williams
First Appearance "Terminal"

Hank Coburn was an entrepreneur who inadvertently killed two people and wounded three more in an effort to save his business' reputation.


Coburn owned at least two travel agencies and, by all appearances, seemed to be a successful businessman with a large apartment, a car, and a girlfriend named Carolyne Trang, though she was more obsessed with his money. In reality, he had cash-flow problems and all that he purported to have was rented. One day, a group of his clients found themselves stuck in Bulgaria due to issues with their plane's engine, and Coburn turned to travel agent Susan Beckner to buy return tickets for $40,000. Since he didn't have that sum of money at his disposal, Coburn paid Susan with a bad check.

When another travel agent refused to advance him the money he needed to cover the check, Coburn grew desperate, fearing his business' reputation would have been ruined if Beckner reported his fraud. At that point, he remembered that Carolyne owned a gun and decided to use it to injure Susan as a means to buy himself some time and find the money he needed to pay the tickets. Hank shot Beckner while she was getting off a Jewish organization's cruise ship. He ended up killing two other people: Todd Wexman, who was hit by the same bullet; and Lorna Kaminsky, who, in the immediate aftermath of the shooting, fell into the Hudson River and drowned. Two other people were also injured by the subsequent stampede. In order to make it appear as if extremists had committed the shooting, Coburn left a message on the crime scene reading, "Kill the Zionists."

Coburn was arrested when Detectives Briscoe and Curtis found the link between him and Beckner. The New York Governor and the Attorney General subsequently initiated a campaign to have Coburn charged with first-degree murder, which carried the death penalty, and to this end, D.A. Schiff was removed from the case for stating his opposition. Despite this campaign, Coburn was eventually found guilty of second-degree murder. (L&O: "Terminal")

Known Victims

  • 1997: The harbor shooting:
    • Susan Beckner (survived; was non-fatally shot)
    • Todd Wexman (accidentally shot)
    • Lorna Kaminsky (accidentally killed; fell into the Hudson River and drowned)
    • Two unnamed people (accidentally injured by the crowd's stampede)
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