The Hanover Day School is a fictional school in Manhattan located at 177 West 86th Street.


One of the students, Charlotte Truex, comes under investigation after her mother is raped and murdered and her father is attacked. It is eventually discovered she was at a pharm party with her boyfriend Ryan Bedford and several other students named Jane Williams, Mark, Susan, and Kevin. After the party her boyfriend forced her back to her place to find more drugs and her mom surprised them and he raped and killed her and attacked her father. (SVU: "Dependent")

Several more students came under investigation after a teenager named Melanie Tarkin overdosed on alcohol at a party run by three students at Hanover named Reagan Michaels, Luke Young, and Matt Schroeffel. It is later discovered that another student, Jordan Owens, provided the alcohol with the help of the mother of another student, Becca Rice, named Lillian Rice. Jordan gets drunk and drives his car into a lamppost with Reagan in the passenger side, killing both of them. This cause Luke to realize how their drinking has ruining their lives and tells the police that Becca drinks too causing Becca's mom to be arrested and convicted for providing the alcohol that killed all three of them. (SVU: "Responsible")