"Happily Ever After"
L&O, Episode 1.05
Production number: 66212
First aired: 23 October 1990
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Cragen Happily Ever After
Teleplay By
David Black & Robert Stuart Nathan

Story By
Dick Wolf & David Black

Directed By
Vern Gillum

Max Greevey and Mike Logan have a hunch that robbery is a cover for the real motive in the death of a millionaire in a parking garage.


Stone and Robinette suspect that someone else might be involved in the shooting of a married man, and go back to his wife, who was also wounded as they prepare their case.


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(Referring to the murder weapon)

"...and guess who it was registered to?"
"Himes, Gilbert?"
"Nope. And not to Ralston, Janet, either."
"Ralston, Alan? Great. He was killed with his own gun."

- Max Greevey, Benjamin Stone and Mike Logan

"That's amazing. I know cops who been in shooting cases that can't remember their badge numbers afterwards. (Referring to the suspect.) Her husband gets shot, she gets shot, victim of a horrible crime, she remembers every second."

- Max Greevey

"True love. They'd sell each other out for a nickel."

- Benjamin Stone

"I thought you didn't believe in evil."
"That's before I met Janet Ralston."
"Either she's evil, or she's two years old. She wants what she wants when she wants it."

- Benjamin Stone and Adam Schiff

"You don't scare me, Mr. Stone."
"Oh, yes, I do, Mrs. Ralston. I scare you a great deal. And I should."

- Janet Ralston and Benjamin Stone

"I hate horseback riding. Scares the hell out of me."
"Scary for the horse, too."

- Max Greevey and Mike Logan

"It's a crime of passion, Stone. Pure and simple."
"A crime of passion is never pure, and it's certainly not simple."

- Gordon Schell and Benjamin Stone

Background information and notes

  • This episode is based on the Charles "Chuck" Stuart case. In 1989, Stuart and his pregnant wife Carol were both shot. Carol Stuart died after her son, Christopher Stewart, was delivered two months early by cesarean section. The infant suffered seizures due to oxygen deprivation and died 17 days later after his father authorized discontinuing life support. The police suspected Willie Bennett (which led to inflamed racial hatred in Boston), but the case fell apart when Charles committed suicide less than three months after the murder on January 4, 1990 by jumping from the Tobin Bridge. His younger brother, Matthew, was able to clear Bennett by making a confession of his own and identified Charles Stuart as the killer. (Source: Charles Stuart at Wikipedia). In the episode there are two references to the initial suspect, Willie Bennett. Actor David Brisbin plays Dr. Bennett and actor Kelly Neal appears as Willie Tivnan.

Episode scene cards

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St Justin's Hospital
Tuesday, April 18th

Supreme Court
Criminal Term
Arraignment Part 60
Monday, May 7th

Janet Ralston's
1121 West End Ave
Tuesday, May 8

Riker's Island Prison
Wednesday, May 9th

5 6 7

Two days later

Office of
District Attorney
Adam Schiff
Thursday, August 30th

Supreme Court
Criminal Term
Trial Part 64
Wednesday,October 10

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"Happily Ever After"
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