Law and Order
"Happy Family"
CI, Episode 3.09
Production number: E4508
First aired: 23 November 2003
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Teleplay By
Marlane Gomard Meyer

Story By
Marlane Gomard Meyer & René Balcer

Directed By
Frank Prinzi

Goren and Bishop investigate the murder of an investment banker who was about to be divorced.


Detective Goren and Bishop are called to examine the murder of a wealthy patriarch who was bludgeoned to death.

The investigation is focused in a family list of suspects which includes the victim's soon-to-be ex-wife, the nanny who cared for the couple's adopted Romanian sons, as well the suspicious aunt and uncle of the children.

After Goren goes deeper into the family's past, his only hope of sorting out the clutter of possible killers is to call for a family reunion which takes place in a court room. Eventually he figures out that the older son, Jason was the killer. The mother, who tries to confess as she's dying of terminal cancer, frightened her children about what would happen if the father got custody in the divorce: that he would send them back to the orphanage which was basically hell for anyone living there. Jason finally confesses that he did it out of fear and that all his father did as he killed him was ask why and Jason never answered him. Jason's horrified by his actions and is arrested for the murder of his father. Goren, Bishop and Carver all hope that whoever is given custody of Sam when the mother dies does a better job of it.


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G. Lynn Bishop: What you said was he late and you weren't sure where...
Paula Connors: That's not true. I called him at his job. His partner said that he was on his way. And then he arrived. It's no mystery.
Robert Goren: Well, the mystery is that, uh, the reception in the recital hall cleared up because a moment ago, you said it was like a tomb.
Paula Connors: My sons will be home for lunch soon. It would be so nice if you weren't here.

Forensics Technician: They were in a dumpster off 65th. Uh, blood belongs to the victim. No fingerprints on the hockey stick. Shirt's chambray, size large.
Alexandra Eames: Well, that fits Eddie Malloy.
James Deakins: Fits me, too.
Alexandra Eames: Yeah, but you're not dating a widow with $40 million.

Eddie Malloy: I don't mess with collectibles. Check my rap sheet. Strictly TVs and toasters.
G. Lynn Bishop: But you knew about the Connors' stamp collection.
Eddie Malloy: I know they keep money in banks, but I don't break in and take it.
G. Lynn Bishop: Well, that's admirable. You were late to the recital.

Robert Goren to Eddie Malloy: She pooched your alibi.

Dr. Friedman: I...I was just making conversation. I don't know anything about her condition.
Robert Goren: Lucky for us, Dr. Friedman, you're a-a terrible liar.

Robert Goren: Well, Solomon threatened to split the child. This time, maybe we should let the child decide. We should go find a pair of gray flannel pants.

Ron Carver: From a Romanian orphanage to an American divorce. I hope New York State will prove a better guardian for these children.
Robert Goren: Well, from your lips to God's ear.

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Home of
Paula Connors
250 East 88th Street
Saturday, October 4

Fiesta Wigs Galore
429 West 17th Street
Tuesday, October 7

Home of
Paula Connors
250 East 88th Street
Wednesday, October 8

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Secure Key Company
330 West 14th Street
Wednesday, October 8

County Clerk's Office
60 Centre Street
Friday, October 10

Office of
Dr. Ralph Friedman
551 First Avenue
Wednesday, October 15


Criminal Courts Building
100 Centre Street
Monday, October 20

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