Law and Order
SVU, Episode 11.05
Production number: 11005
First aired (US): 21 October 2009
First aired (UK): 13 November 2009
First aired (CAN): 23 October 2009
First aired (AUS): 11 March 2010
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Written By
Mick Betancourt

Directed By
David Platt


After Eva Banks finds out that her son Cory was sexually abused, Detectives Olivia Benson and Elliot Stabler come onto the scene and question the victim and his family. The detectives look into leads and believe it was the wrestling coach who has an interesting past and arises anger from Stabler.

When informing his parents, they want Cory to tell the truth but he asserts it was not his coach. From the boy's frightened reaction, when his stepfather Thomas Banks silences the investigation, it is clear to everyone in the room who the real perpetrator is. Benson and Stabler are able to get Cory to tell them about the abuse and where to find nude pictures Thomas took of him. With this evidence, they arrest Thomas who offers up Kevin O'Donnell the head of Our Special Love, a pedophile-rights group and child pornography ring, in exchange for leniency.

SVU monitors a dinner, albeit risky, where Kevin gives Thomas all of the information regarding the members. Eva loses her cool when SVU bursts in and ADA Cabot is furious. They arrest the man, Kevin O'Donnell, as well as every other member of the group on multiple child pornography and sexual abuse charges. Detective Stabler also lets the other members know that Kevin was responsible for letting them be found on the computer. Benson tells the scared Kevin that his lawyer will be with him the next day, leaving Kevin at the mercy of his fellow members, who beat him and leave him with a black eye.

ADA Alexandra Cabot tries O'Donnell for his crimes, but he and his lawyer offer the defense that pedophilia is a hard-wired sexual orientation and that adult-child sexual relationships are healthy and normal. The defense calls Eva to the stand since she has a temper that could ruin the case. However, with Benson's encouragement, Eva keeps her composure during her testimony, even when Cory bursts into the courtroom and says that Thomas was hurting him - not "loving" him.

While Eva and her son are cleaning out the apartment, Benson comes in to inform them that O'Donnell was sentenced to over 3,000 years in prison, while Thomas got twenty years for abusing Cory. Eva, finally able to move on with her life, sells her house and moves back to Florida with Cory for a new start.


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(After getting accused by Stabler and Benson of giving Cory chlamydia)
Coach Simons/Tony Acardo: I'm clean! I was just at the clinic two weeks ago!
Stabler: Well, the doctor's going to stick a swab in your penis, which you'll probably like, but God help you if it comes back positive.

Elliot: Thomas Banks, you are under arrest for sexually abusing your stepson. Where's your laptop?
Thomas: I don't have a laptop.
Thomas' Co-worker: In the closet.
Thomas: You little weasel.

Benson: Eva, Eva. You don't have to move.
Eva: But... Thomas pays the mortgage and he's never given me any of the passwords on any of our accounts--
Benson: So? We'll go to the bank, we'll show them your ID, we'll empty the accounts, we'll start a new one in your name and then we come here and change the locks!
Eva: Really?
Benson: Yeah!
Eva: (sighs with relief) Damn girl, you got a little gangster in you, huh?

(Elliot comes down with a cuffed O'Donnell)
Elliot: Hey all you vermin! You can thank your leader Kevin O'Donnell for keeping such meticulous records. Enjoy Kev.
O'Donnell: You can't leave me in here.
(O'Donnell has been thrown into a holding cell with all the pedophiles who have been arrested because of information on his laptop)
O'Donnell: I want my lawyer.
Benson: Yeah, she'll meet you in arraignment tomorrow.
(O'Donnell looks around nervously at the angry alleged pedophiles in his cell)

Cabot: We have a bulletproof case against Banks and you want to cut him a deal?
Stabler: To nail an even bigger bottom feeder, Kevin O'Donnell.
Cabot: And he is...?
Stabler: President of Our Special Love, the latest civil rights group for child molesters.
Huang: They defend a pedophile's right to have sex with children.
Cabot: The same thing NAMBLA tried to do?
Huang: The OSL goes a step further. It claims that pedophilia is a genetically based sexual orientation, like hetero or homosexuality. And that pedophiles are being persecuted like gays in Iraq or Iran. It's, it's despicable!
Benson: I've never seen you this ticked off before.
Huang: Pseudo science like this insults my intelligence as a psychiatrist and my humanity as a gay man.

Background information and notes

  • ADA Cabot makes her first appearance this season; the last appearance she made was in "Liberties"; as of this episode, she has also been promoted back to the main cast, the first time since "Loss".
  • During the course of this episode, Dr. George Huang is revealed to be gay, making him the second confirmed LGBTQIA main character in the Law & Order franchise. The first was ADA Serena Southerlyn, who came out after being fired by Arthur Branch, as she thought the conservative Branch had fired her because of her sexuality. The third, fourth and fifth are Katriona Tamin, Ayanna Bell and Carmen Riley.
  • This episode is based on the real life organisation NAMBLA (North American Man/Boy Love Association) which promotes romantic relationships between men and boys, similarly to Kevin O'Donnell's website Our Special Love.
  • Actor Garret Dillahunt, who played Kevin O'Donnell, is married to former SVU star Michelle Hurd, who played Detective Monique Jeffries. She does not appear in this episode.
  • While filming, Rosie Perez sustained serious injuries to her neck and hip. In 2011, she filed a lawsuit against the producers but settled the lawsuit, resolving the matter under confidential terms.

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Mercy General Hospital
365 West 32nd Street
Tuesday, September 8

Banks Residence
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Tuesday, September 8

Oslo Global Strategies
256 Pearl Street
Wednesday, September 9

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Supreme Court
Trial Part 34
Friday, October 16

Supreme Court
Trial Part 34
Monday, October 19

362 East 34th Street
Wednesday, October 21

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