Law and Order
Law and Order
Harlan Barnes
Name Harlan Barnes
Title Troy Hendricks
Occupation Tow-truck driver
Pathology Spree killer
Family Leland Barnes (father; deceased)
Kelly Barnes (mother; deceased)
Robert Barnes (brother)
Status Imprisoned
Actor Johnathan Tchaikovsky
First Appearance "Criminal Law"

Harlan Barnes is a spree killer who committed a string of fatal shootings targeting witnesses connected to the trial of his father Leland, who ordered him to commit the murders in the first place.

After being arrested, he was convinced to confess to the murders by Detectives Joe Fontana and Ed Green. (L&O: "Criminal Law")

Known Victims[]

  • 2005:
    • October 26:
      • Sylvia Rossi
      • Sylvia Rossi (mistaken for the above Sylvia Rossi)
    • October 27: The Rossis:
      • Michael Rossi
      • Sylvia Rossi (mistaken for the first Sylvia Rossi)
    • October 28: The Whitakers:
      • Leon Whitaker
      • Leon's unnamed wife
    • November 2: Detective Joe Fontana (attempted to strangle)