SVU, Episode 9.05
Production number: 9002
First aired: 23 October 2007
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Warner Harm
Written By
Josh Singer

Directed By
Peter Leto


A volunteer at a rehab center is killed, and her death may be linked to the man she was helping: an Iraqi suffering from injuries that may have been caused by torture techniques employed by an American-hired company.


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Security cameras across the globe. Munch'll never leave his house again.

–Elliot Stabler

Sutton: I oversaw the design and implementation of various interrogation plans. Why would I want to hide that?
Stabler: Nobody likes to be called a Torturer in public.

Huang: Sutton is a respected psychiatrist. I've heard her speak on combat related P.T.S.D.
Warner: Well, the problem is, she isn't treating it. She's causing it. So much for 2,500 years of "First do no harm".
Huang: That's kind of black-and-white.
Warner: I didn't know the Hippocratic oath was written in shades of grey.

Faith Sutton: Our country's at war. I have skills to contribute to that fight. You really want me not to use them?
Melinda Warner: You took an oath. You don't get to take a time-out because we're at war, because it's difficult to uphold. The oath was written for times like these.

Background information and notes

  • Helios is probably based on the private contractor Xe (better known as Blackwater.)

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Office of
The Medical Examiner
Tuesday, October 9

Women's Refugee
Coalition Center
276 West 74th Street
Wednesday, October 10

Saint Bernadette's
356 West 120th Street
Wednesday, October 10

Trial Part 22
Tuesday, October 16

New York State
Medical Board
Friday, October 19

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