Harold Coyle
Name Harold Coyle
Occupation News reporter
Pathology Serial rapist
Serial harasser
Proxy murderer
Status Imprisoned
Actor Christopher McDonald
First Appearance "The Newsroom"

Harold Coyle is a news reporter and a serial rapist.


An experienced news reporter, Coyle used his career as an opportunity to rape women he worked with, including Heidi Sorenson. One day, while Heidi and her co-anchor George were interviewing Lieutenant Benson and a rape victim on TV, Heidi became triggered by George's comforting comments. When he was off the air, Heidi confided in Olivia, telling her that Coyle raped her.

Coyle's actions were investigated, and once Coyle discovered this, he manipulated several women to turn on Heidi, calling her a slut and a liar, which caused her to lose her job. Eventually, the Special Victims Unit was able to convince several other victims to come forward about their abuse. Eventually, after being caught raping a woman on tape, Coyle was charged with sexual assault and imprisoned. (SVU: "The Newsroom")

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