Harold Lassiter
Name Harold Lassiter
Affiliation Manor Hill Academy
Occupation Professor
Pathology Serial rapist
Serial statutory rapist
Serial sexual assailant
Status Deceased
Actor Alvin Epstein
First Appearance "Lessons Learned"

Harold Lassiter was an English professor at the prestigious Manor Hill Academy, a beloved high school in the Bronx.


Lassiter was suspected by the students at Manor Hill for being a pervert. Some students would call his behavior around his drama students "Lassiter Lasso". They described it as Lassiter massaging his students to ease tension, and then he would attempt to massage "somewhere else". Years after he had retired, one of his victims, Curt Haskins, sent Lassiter a letter. The letter stated how much Haskins hated him for raping him and how he ruined his life. Lassiter, feeling extensive guilt, wrote his apology on the letter, and hung himself. (SVU: "Lessons Learned")

Known Victims

  • Numerous unnamed students (all raped)
  • Damon (attempted to sexually assault)
  • Curt Haskins (raped and sodomized repeatedly)
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