Harper Anderson
Harper Anderson
Name Harper Anderson
Occupation Waitress
Pathology Stalker
Family Unnamed mother (deceased)
Status Alive
Actor Tracy Pollan
First Appearance "Closure (Part I)"
Last Appearance "Closure (Part II)"

Harper Anderson is a rape victim who was unable to identify her attacker and later stalked him. Later, she was seen with her rapist's wife standing over her husband's body after the wife killed him.


In 1999, an intruder broke into Harper's apartment through the fire escape, grabbed her, hit her, raped her, ejaculated on her belly and wiped it off with her T-shirt and forced her to shower afterwards. After he leaves, taking several items of hers, she smokes a cigarette and calls 911 to report the rape and she is taken to the hospital. She meets Detective Benson at the hospital and she tells her all the details of the rape. Anderson then goes through a rape exam with Benson by her side. Harper then gives a formal statement about the rape at the police station in for detectives Benson and Stabler and gives a description of the rapist. Benson takes Harper to her boyfriend, Benjy Dowe's apartment and explains several steps after being raped. After Harper takes a shower she leaves to go to work and a few minutes into her shift pass when Benson and Stabler arrive to ask her why she was smoking a joint. Harper angrily tells them it was to calm her down because she had a job interview and leaves to go back to work. When they bring in a suspect Harper travels to the precinct to make a positive identification. When she arrives Benson informs her that their suspect didn't rape her. Harper is disappointed as her rapist is still out there and Benson hands Harper's new keys to her.

Six months passed and Harper couldn't eat or sleep knowing her rapist was still out there. As a result, she lost her job, lost her boyfriend and moved out of her apartment, effectively reinventing herself into a new version of herself. When her rapist strikes again and is identified as Kenneth Cleary, Detectives Benson and Stabler arrive at her new apartment six months after her rape to make a positive identification. She angrily tells them to leave and slams the door in their faces. When Benson comes back with Cassidy she tries to ignore them but eventually relents and she is informed that her rapist struck again. Harper tries to tell them to leave her alone but they eventually convince her to do the line-up after Benson tells she will be with her. When Harper is unable to identify the man who raped her she breaks down crying to Benson. (SVU "Closure (Part I)")

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