Harv Beigal
Harv beigel
Name Harv Beigal
Affiliation Masucci crime family
Occupation Mobster
Pathology Proxy murderer
Mob boss
Family Katherine Masucci-Biegal (wife)
Frank Masucci (brother-in-law)
Connie Masucci (sister-in-law)
Status Deceased
Actor Bruce Altman
First Appearance "The Torrents of Greed (Part I)"
Last Appearance "The Torrents of Greed (Part II)"

Harvey "Harv" Beigal was the brother-in-law of Frank Masucci.


In 1987, Biegal met and married a woman named Katherine Masucci and he joined her brother Frank's crime family. Whenever Masucci ordered a hit from that point on, it went through Biegal and he relayed it to the appropriate hitman. During his time working for Masucci, he conveyed orders to kill many people who got in Masucci's way, including the union boss Russell Mackey.

Eventually, Biegal got greedy from running a side-business bootlegging cigarettes. He had Mario Zalta selling the cigarettes and if anyone said no, Beigal would send Joe Pilefsky to take care of these problems.

Eventually, all three are arrested when police uncover the conspiracy and Biegal makes a deal for cooperation in the murder of Russell Mackey. He testifies, and after Pilefsky perjures himself, he is set free. The DA's office later discovers his role in Mackey's murder. As a result, Masucci sends Ruffo to murder Biegal and bury him in a "graveyard" where his mob's victims were buried.

Known Victims

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